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LED Staff with Power Bank Feature

LED Staff with Power Bank Feature

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The only staff of its kind, this artifact uses multiple integrated lithium-ion batteries to power dual strips of super-bright LEDs that run THE ENTIRE LENGTH of the staff. It is six feet long, one-inch wide and made of sturdy clear polycarbonate.

These batteries are divided into two groups and positioned at each end for optimum balance, and are charged via a discreet port on one end by a supplied charger.

This thing has so much power I created a special USB adapter that you can plug into it and use to keep your phone and tablet charged while at festivals. I will include this adapter with your purchase.

The staff is controlled by a small wireless remote you can use to change its color and brightness. You can make it transition through all colors via a smooth fade or quick cuts. There's also a "pulse" mode where you can choose a color and make it appear to "breathe".

This staff is BRIGHT and is a real head-turner.
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